AND OTHER HOAXES by Jonathan Jacob Moore

A crop circle is

a pattern created by





a crop




Some vessel arrives and lays the crop flat, leaves

the soil untouched

            These events are deemed hoaxes


chalked up to natural causes

and only the crazy think them

communication, signs from alien travelers


            Or think them threat

Nappy stalks of corn singing about a new world order

            and who wants that?


I was pubescent and suspicious

in a white-tee too big for me

in a house too big for me even though we were 9 to a room


I stayed awake

watching episode after episode of

Unexplained Mysteries


until the ceiling and carpet made a pact to keep me there

until i locked the door for the sixth time and heard it

click with a shotgun’s sureness.


I knew they were lying

I knew something about the solidity of ships

and uninvited visitors.


If all crop circles are the work of otto warmbier

and the drunk sons of ohioan rednecks then

The five-feet chalk outline is a crop circle


If you blink you will miss them fall so

keep your eyes open until they burn shut

Watch how they land





breaking entirely, still






a                                                                         crop




See how I give

the appearance of a human touch

so much


this press briefing passes for metaphor?


If you believe that we are not alone

then last week’s Black girl

visited the block out of pity, not burden

                                    ahead of the impending wars.


I will not indulge the imaginary

            But learn to read it

this language of garbled shapes


coils of chalk

limestone soft enough to speak in

formed from the skeletons of sea creatures



last week’s Black woman

asks, Do you believe in signs?


Map the ocean floor

Onto the sidewalk

And drown the fields for me.


JONATHAN JACOB MOORE, or Jon Jon, is a Black Mexican poet and scholar from Detroit. He studied Writing Blackness in the 21st Century United States at Tufts University and is currently living in D.C. Jon Jon is moved by the Black Apocalyptic and indulgent poetics of abolition. His work has been featured or is soon to appear in The Black Napkin, The James Franco Review, The Ploughshares Blog, Vinyl, andWinter Tangerine among others. You can share with him on Twitter @hoodqueer &







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