Shade Literary Arts is literary organization focused on the empowerment and expansion of literature by queer writers of color.

Plan to marry

Go to the county records office

Wait in line until the security guard beckons you

Raise your right hand and swear to an apathetic clerk

Raise your right hand and turn eyes at your partner

Use white out to correct

Use white out to correct incorrect form data

Learn that you cannot keep your maiden name and add a new one

Mourn that familiar designation’s good sound


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"Who said anything about being forgiven? I am most / forgivable with my daughters crowned & Sunday // I call my mother to tell her about the slippers I’ve misplaced / wandering from theater to theater in search // of a face like mine thundered cliffside, but even the emptied / fish know better than to hope." --Lily Zhou, "Palinode in a Lost City"

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